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One of many core principles of Judaism is tzedakah (charity).

One of many core principles of Judaism is tzedakah (charity).

Charitable Gift Ideas

building a contribution in honor associated with club or bat mitzvah is really a way that is meaningful include the Jewish (and universal) value of assisting those in need. It is possible to personalize this sort of present even further by donating to a reason about that your bat or bar mitzvah seems passionate. In addition to this, offer a “gift card” you can use to finance a task of their selecting.

The bar or bat mitzvah can choose among thousands of projects helping people in developing countries and give them micro-loans with a Kiva card. Likewise, Donors Select sells present cards that permit recipients to aid tiny teacher-run tasks in general general general public schools. A jewish counterpart, The Tzedakah Network, fits donors with an array of reasons and mitzvah tasks (fundraising/social justice efforts launched by young ones as an element of their bar/bat mitzvah planning). Other available choices such as for instance CharityChoice, and Israel provides offer present cards that may be redeemed which will make contributions to a huge selection of businesses. (more…)

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